1. Well not really a party
  2. It's the week of my birthday and my best friend/crush asked me if I was having people over
  3. (I wasn't) but I thought "hell yes if you're coming". And planned today as a pizza party/movie thing
  4. So I invited about 3 people haha
  5. All girls (for two reasons)
  6. Reason number 1: I don't get along great with dudes. I find most guys my age to be naive, rude, gross, and all around crass. Plus dudes get rowdy and break things. Not my thing.
  7. Reason 2: my best friends are all girls
  8. I thought this might be weird.
  9. Because what kind of guy invites over only girls to a party who isn't trying to get in their pants (or so said my over dramatic brain)
  10. For the sake of total honesty, I'm very interested in one of these girls. And have been for some time.
  11. Funnily enough.
  12. We ended up being the only two people at this little pizza party.
  13. Two others showed up for an hour but left haha. I don't know why but hey... Alone with the crush (who is named Lizzie)
  14. Lizzie and I tried to watch my favorite movie on my Xbox but the stupid thing acted up and would only play everything in black and white (I didn't mind. But she was irked ha)
  15. So she said it was time to go on the hunt for board games
    I just moved and didn't play board games so the hunt was necessary
  16. We found them in my bedroom (I swear to god) in my closet.
  17. Just a half hour before this she had said "I want to see where you sleep, but not like in a creepy way."
  18. My room is rather Spartan
  19. Anyway.
  20. She pulls out this ancient scrabble board
  21. I had never played, so she had to teach me haha
  22. So we spent two hours playing scrabble
  23. I tried to convince her in as playfully flirty a manner I could that we should try strip scrabble (it's a thing). This did not happen (win some lose some)
  24. But to be honest I just really liked playing scrabble with her
  25. It was better than the movie Cus we could chat while we played
  26. Made equally dirty puns back and forth
  27. My favorite was when she had an e and wanted to use it, was listing off different two letter words with e in them, I chimed in "you could do ME" (she laughed for 2 minutes. It was spectacular)
    And then she put "we" down.
  28. So we had pizza and ice cream (all of which I bought specifically with her in mind btw)
  29. She loved the raspberry vanilla swirl I bought her ha
  30. It was freaking good actually.
  31. Then we sat out front and took personality tests.
  32. Meyers Briggs test
  33. She got esfp
    Very true. Basically bubbly and adorable and lovable and energetic. I love her.
  34. I got infj
    Which is cool Cus I got that years ago. Nice to know I'm consistent ha
  35. Then we played truth or truth and she asked me what the kinkiest thing I'd ever considered doing with a former girlfriend of mine was.
    I'm SO not going there on list app.
  36. I didn't ask her any haha
    I'm not great and id probably just want to ask her questions that were loaded with sexual tension 😳.
  37. Then she had to go
  38. But yeah.
  39. Basically that went as perfect as it coulda gone.
  40. Except I think we shoulda made out. I would have enjoyed that.
  41. P.s. Her present to me was "an abundance of Katherine's" because we both love John Greene books and it's the only one I haven't read yet. (She's gonna steal it from me when I'm done Cus she wants to read it lol)