1. Language is so fucking pathetic at times like this.
  2. Fucking fuck.
  3. So many thoughts try to run from me but I hold them back.
  4. Out of fear mostly.
  5. I used to be able to tell you these things.
  6. The real bitch of human emotions is how insane they make you sound to other people.
  7. I mean holy fuck....Look, better authors have explained it better than I ever will so here....
  8. “There’s a fine line between the bold romantic gesture and stalking. The tricky crux of the matter is that it depends to a great extent on how that gesture is going to be received—which factor, unfortunately, the impetuous suitor/obsessed stalker has lost all ability to gauge.
  9. “A friend of mine reports that all the women he’s polled have been enthusiastic advocates of the bold romantic gesture, but this, he suspects, is because they’re all automatically picturing John Cusack making it, not Steve Buscemi or Peter Lorre or the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
  10. “Often you don’t know whether you’re the hero of a romantic comedy or the villain on a Lifetime special until the restraining order arrives.”
  11. “I’ve had the kind of romantic life that would give a biographer a lot to work with, punctuated by passionate and disastrous affairs. I enjoyed reading about H. G. Wells, who was an early advocate of free love and contraception and a very sloppy practitioner of both.”
  12. “His biography is full of lurid scandals like the one in which a pregnant young lover slashed her wrists in his study, obliging him to flee to the Continent while it all blew over. (I’ve often wished for a Continent to flee to.)”
  13. “It’s easy to forget that such lives are more fun to read about than to live. Biographies tend to focus on the delirious highs, like Ava Gardner and Frank Sinatra tossing empty champagne bottles out of their convertible and shooting out street lights with a pistol on their first date,
    and elide the years when the subject lies alone in bed drinking and watching her own old movies on late-night TV.”
  14. “The goal of a life is not to provide material for good stories. Because it must also be noted that I’ve spent a larger percentage of my life than any sane person would wish crouching on the bathroom floor sobbing into a smelly old towel.”
  15. “Heartbreak is the common term for this condition—a Hallmark euphemism for something that’s about as romantic as pancreatitis. I’ve endured three or four let’s call them episodes in my life. Which may not seem like all that many unless you’re a friend of mine who’s had to watch.
    I would not want to relive even one second of those times, nor would I wish them on anyone else, but I also don’t know if I can relate to anyone who hasn’t gone through them.
  16. (I respect people who had to quit drinking lest it kill them, but those who never saw the appeal of the stuff in the first place seem not quite to be trusted.) At such times we are certainly not at our best but we are undeniably at our most human—utterly vulnerable, naked and laid open, a mess.”
  17. Excerpt from "we learn nothing" Tim krieder.
  18. ———————————-
  19. You made me so fucking happy that day
  20. I can't remember feeling any better.
  21. You used to tell me you loved me
  22. You told me this would happen.