I'm so sorry this took so long @smallthings
  1. Ummm
  2. ....
  3. ......
  4. ........
  5. Bahahahaha
  6. You can't just pick 5
  7. Or even 10
  8. Or even 100
  9. Every moment is a good moment
  10. Even when an episode comes on and you think you're not gonna enjoy it...
  11. ....you suddenly remember that one line or phrase or scene
  12. That makes it the best episode.
  13. Then the next episode tops it.
  14. But I suppose you still would like me to try and pick five out of the many that once could choose.
  15. This is so tough
  16. .....spoilers ahead. Obvi
  17. ........
  18. 1.) The time Robin and the gang threw Barney the best/worst bachelor party.
    A crummy hotel. An awful choice of entertainment. Nobody vetted the stripper. And marshal might die...... Or will he?
  19. 2.) The time Ted had a perfect night with Victoria.
    The time up to the kiss is the most magical of all. The drumroll. The memory of an almost perfect experience. Unhindered by the pain of reality.
  20. 3.) When Barney proposes to robin
    Everything about this was unbelievable.
  21. 4.) When present Barney, present Ted, 20 years from now Barney, 20 years from now ted, 24 hours from now Barney, and 24 hours from now ted all sing at the end of that one episode.
    That was so awesome and it's just one of my favorite scenes.
  22. 5.) The final scene from the series when the mother and Ted actually meet.
    The bullshit about Ted and Robin getting back together is not officially a part of the series in my opinion. It just didn't fit with the series at all and totally fucked over the entire point of the show.