Ooohhhh exciting!!! Thanks for the request @LeahG
  1. I once eat a caramel apple out of the trash at an antique car and truck exhibition in front of various witnesses.
  2. One time I was "kidnapped" by three woman, one of whom spoke Russian and Afrikaans, to play DND at their friends house. Unfortunately I wasn't done with breakfast so I took a plate of pancakes and bacon with me. They somehow ended up handing me off to a pair of girls headed to a local high school to watch the football game so I sat in the choir....
    room eating stale pancakes and saying hi to people I knew. Most I didn't. I was kidnapped again to get McDonald's with these three other girls and then I watched the game and came home.
  3. I once bought 60 dollars worth two pizzas, two brownies, and a box of cinnamon sticks. All for myself. I convinced someone else to pay. They got none of it 😐