Inspired by @Jaycer17
  1. Name: Charlie Chester
  2. Goes by: Charlie, (some people, usually irritating ones, call me Chester), Charles (I'm not a Charles), someone very special used to call me "boo",
    That's about it.
  3. DOB/height/weight
    08-31-98/ 5' 10"/155
  4. Adores
    Poetry, reading, writing, beauty and the expression of it, the look in a girls eyes when she loves you back, late nights, cold mornings, sunrises, snowy evenings, nicknames between couples, soft kisses, music, movies that challenge you to think, rain storms, blizzards, mountains, the bond between a father and daughter, romance, skiing, the person she hides.
  5. Despises
    Cruelty, hatred, violence, homophobia, racism, sexism, rape, abuse of any kind, neglect, ignorance, betrayal, summer, male stereotypes, illiteracy, personal weakness,
  6. Will admit
    Embarrassed about practically only posting excerpts and poetry because I think I should branch out to actual lists like a normal list app person. But I don't do this for others so much as I do it for me so it is what it is.
  7. Is curious about
    Life, beauty, hidden people.
  8. In the near future
    Writing more, investigating stories, meditating
  9. Really wants to
    Read more books. Meet a beautiful, selfless, confident, girl,
  10. Favorite quote right now:
    “I’ve known so many people who claimed to be happy in relationships in which, to the outside observer, they appeared to be miserable when they finally broke up with their beloved antagonists they described themselves as bereft, even though to everyone around them they seemed possessed of new energy, health, and good humor. What the people in these relationships are is not “happy”; it’s something more necessary than happiness, for which we don’t have a word in our language.”-Tim krieder