1. I hate this
  2. Why am I here
  3. Clean teeth are for movie stars like Ryan gosling and Ryan Reynolds and Matt Damon.
  4. I can do it on my own.
  5. Ugh
  6. These places smell funny
  7. Like plastic and death and neoprene
  8. Mostly death
  9. Neoprene scented death
  10. The lady at the desk just said some children chew through their cheeks when they're numb
  11. What?!?!?!?
  12. Dentists are awful
  13. The last time I was here he spoke faster than one of those used car salesmen.
  14. Or maybe that was the orthodontist
  15. Practically the same thing
  16. I mean. My teeth aren't movie star straight
  17. But they aren't horrible
  18. I still brushed extra hard this morning
  19. Got last nights pizza out
  20. You enjoy that image
  21. Ugh. I'm exhausted
  22. Somehow this is still better than sitting mindlessly in my house
  23. I thought I would be excited for summer but this sucks so far
  24. Not three days in and I'm bored out of my mind
  25. So bored that the dentist is a better alternative than being in my house
  26. THAT BORED!!!!
  27. Snapchat filters am I right
  28. Said like, two words to this tech
  29. Why am I cursed with anti social tendencies
  30. Or maybe it's because I'm at the dentist.
  31. Getting my teeth cleaned sucks monkey balls
  32. These people strictly talk to me when I have multiple pieces of sharp rubber in my mouth
  33. Why?
  34. Having sealant put on sucks humongous donkey ass
  35. Someone put me out of my misery
  36. Pleaseeee
  37. It's like they have a bet going of how many things they can fit in my mouth before I pass out or suffocate
  38. Disney junior is playing
  39. I'm trying to find their story interesting as this nurse scrapes at my gums for jewels and gold
  40. How am I not bleeding?
  41. Fuck, I wouldn't be able to tell even if I was.
  42. I feel violated
  43. Look at this creepy bastard
  44. My view