1. "Better check my phone..." Passes out
  2. Wakes up an hour later
  3. Sits in the darkness pondering
  4. Picks up phone
  5. "no texts from Sam"
  6. Sad pancake
  7. "23 list notifications!"
  8. "Awesome"
  9. "Ah"
  10. "They are all from @Sim0n "
  11. Sweet
  12. "He shows me the attention I rightfully deserve!"
    I'm such an arrogant ass.
  13. Haha nah that guy is cool
  14. "He actually asked me question on that one list!"
  15. "Finally!"
  16. "I should have seen that coming. Although it's not the worst question I expected."
  17. "Fine."
  18. "And that question is a biggie."
  19. "Also one I have a strung out opinion on."
  20. "Conventional ethics bores me to no end."
  21. "I don't believe in good and bad as a whole. Just a weird gray middle."
  22. "Anddddd I've answered."
  23. "The rest of this is comments and likes."
  24. "Sweet."
  25. Static
  26. Static
  27. Static