I'm still extremely pissed about it so please forgive my vulgarity and anger
  1. Today I was driving my beautiful princess of a girlfriend to her play (she is tasked with putting make up on the faces of the other performers who are all much less talented than her in every way. Pretty sure the teacher just didn't want them all to feel bad in the face of extreme talent from my beloved)
  2. We stopped at a light and were messing around with some music on my phone when we heard a crash. About a second after this crash our car was hit from behind into the car in front of us. We both had our seat belts on and were sorta launched forward. We hit the car in front of us. But I didn't notice at first.
  3. I immediately asked her if she was okay. She was. A witness called the police.
  4. So what happened was this old fucker who shouldn't have been driving hit the young girl, who had stopped behind us, going about thirty.
  5. He sent her into the back of my expedition (which fucked her car but barely scratched mine) and sent me into the back of the car in front of us (which is basically fine. But the front of my car is trashed.)
  6. I made sure she called her mom and I called mine. Spoke to the officer who showed up. The poor girl behind us was ambulanced away. I think she'll be okay.
  7. There isn't a ton of damage to my car so that should be fixed with in a few weeks (I don't know for sure. Plus insurance bullshit.)
  8. The dumb mother fucker who crashed into us is going to be paying for the damage to all three cars.
  9. I think they'll revoke his license too since he's so old.
  10. Anyway, I'm just fucking pissed
  11. F***n bullshit