1. He's just the best vlogger you'll ever watch.
  2. What a guy...
  3. I don't know how to describe just how cool he is.
  4. I consider him one of my role models
    Because of his life style and the mindset he carries as well as his whole attitude. Besides I just find him funny as hell sometimes.
  5. And his wife is adorable btw
    Not the most flattering photo but I think she's too funny and very quirky in neat ways.
  6. My favorite video of his so far is the "My Kid and Me" video
    Because it strikes a chord with me on so many levels and because I put fatherhood high on my list of experiences I want to have and live up to fully.
  7. He's an amazing story teller.
  8. His videos are concise but packed with amazing things.
  9. For whatever reason they motivate me to do more with my life.
  10. Casey Neistat is an amazing guy all around and a fascinating YouTuber.
  11. Go check him out.
  12. This intro 😂😂😂
  13. Oh and the music he puts to his videos is consistently the best music of any YouTuber.
  14. The bro with a big nose
    Admire this gentlemen's impressive nose.