Part 1. Movie 1 "The matrix".
  1. I first watched the matrix when my dad introduced me to it at the swell age of 9 (I may have been 6, I can't remember). We were moving merrily along through his collection of 90's and 80's action films which included the original mad max films, braveheart, and a few Sean Connery James Bond movies.
  2. We always watched them in his bed. My parents didn't sleep together due to my father being a lightweight sleeper and my mother's snoring. Which in all honesty isn't that loud. My dad is weird. But I digress.
  3. I remember being impatient with the pace of the first film. Which makes me chuckle because I tend to adore a solidly well thought out pace these days. When everything moves too fast for the sake of grabbing attention in a movie that lacks depth I lose interest (think jump cutty action sequences or a Michael bay film).
  4. On re-viewing it I'm surprised at how quickly two hours goes by. The drab 90's olive coating gives me a headache. Young Keanu reeves is young. I think he looks much more handsome now a days.
  5. See.
  6. I know.
    Somebody get this kid a sandwich.
  7. I enjoyed myself for the most part. I think the action is something you can only really enjoy if you stop analyzing it and comparing it to a well made movie.
  8. There's simply too much goofy Kung fu. But besides that I like how they design it. The scene with neo waking from his battery slumber in the pink shell womb thing is pretty fucking weird. Imagine almost drowning after waking up plugged into a robot circuit and then a scary flying robot tries to kill you.
    And then your muscles don't work. Also your life is a lie.
  9. The most agreeable scenes to me all involved neo realizing he's "the one". Starts fighting like a boss. Kicks smith ass. Does a weird jump dive into mr smith and exploded him.
  10. It's rife with all the ridiculous 90's film shit you'd expect. At least everything I've always seen. There are definitely well made 90's films. "The shawshank redemption" springs to mind. Or perhaps Morgan Freeman's voice just transfixes me. Oh well.
  11. The romance between neo and trinity is so forced. Literally the oracle proclaimed it. Then trinity just whispers it to neo after he "dies" and he comes to life by virtue of..... Disney Magic??
  12. Remember when list drafts was a thing?
  13. Maybe I'll make a list about matrix reloaded.