Sort of live
  1. I'm bored so I'm watching matrix reloaded and making this list as I do it.
    May all of these photos appear sideways.
  2. I absolutely despise the introductory slow motion falling trinity gets shot sequence.
    It's just really weird. I can't take it seriously.
  3. No tank? What happened to tank? Suddenly he's a black guy with dreads. But I like this new guy too. Oh well.
    New guy is link.
  4. Though most of the action is laughable (not all) I do enjoy the design of the ship. Especially whatever the blue force emitter things are that let it hover.
    Neba kenezer??
  5. I can't decide where Lawrence fishburn lands on my actor list. He's pretty talented but I just don't know.
    He's got a solid entrance and voice. Plays a futuristic messiah well.
  6. Mr. Smith is always a win.
  7. It's very fun to see Neo go from lanky little new guy in the first movie to full involved badass in the reloaded edition. Fighting Mr. Smith with one hand like a boss.
    Oh. And this.
  8. Computer generated Keanu reeves is computer generated.
  9. Zion control is basically a rip off of that one sponge bob episode where squid ward goes to the future.
  10. Those mech-gun-suits look fun.
  11. The tension between Locke, Morpheus, and Naiobi reminds me of an elementary school crush I shared with a friend/foe of mine.
  12. Oh my god Locke is Harold Cooper
  13. I know this was made in the late 90's/early 2000's but I'm pretty sick of the faith allusions and theism presence. At least when it's this crudely presented.
  14. Unintentionally inspires fifty shades of grey
  15. I like how Locke (and even Morpheus) acts like Morpheus and his beliefs are a minority in Zion but then literally everybody in the cave orgy loves him. This forced conflict is forced.
    As speeches go I think I prefer braveheart. Fighting the urge to skip this scene entirely. Neo and trinity are worse than two college kids. Weren't they on a fairly large ship together for like 4 months? You're telling me they never got any alone time?
  16. One of the few saving graces in this film would have to be the smith villain arc. But as I say that all I can think is how he's following the devil's arc from the bible and all of a sudden I'm annoyed. Still. Smith is pretty cool.
  17. This bullshit conversation with the senator and neo is giving me a headache.
  18. All of this soft punching Kung fu bullshit is making me sick.
    I don't know about you but I like movie violence to be brutal and realistic. Not flighty and showy. Give me "no country for old men". Shit hurts. Blech
  19. This kind of plebeian artificial fatalism argument is so forced I feel the need to vomit. Also apparently common modern day myths are just glitches. Way to make something that's one thing into something else movie.
    I know I'm ripping into this movie but oh my god.
  20. "You've already made the choice now you have to understand it."
    I don't understand this dialogue.
  21. I like how it's trying to make itself seem more interesting by throwing in some horribly dull philosophy that doesn't actually work if you spend five seconds breaking apart their arguments.
    Forced intrigue doesn't work.
  22. Neo stopping bullets is pretty awesome.
  23. Pretty done with this movie. End of the list