1. A friend invited me.
  2. Last time I was there I was with a buddy. He's in basic training for the marines now. I was 16. Young and dumb.
  3. I met a girl. It was weird being there again. Seeing the same places I'd seen two years prior. But the memories are so faded it wasn't crazy striking. Which I'm almost sad about.
  4. It took me some time to find my friend. Called her six times and put my shit in a locker (ten bucks is bullshit).
  5. I found her near the gate. Her two other friends were in the bathroom dealing with a bloody nose.
  6. When they came out one of them said she was surprised that I looked the way I did because my friend had described me as nerdy as hell (true?) but that when they saw me they both said I look buff (cool).
  7. First time a stranger has told me I look buff.
  8. We went to the wave pool to wait for a guy that never came. I remember the wave pool being a lot more fun when I was smaller. Mean while more memories of the girl I met. Weird.
  9. We next went to the lazy river. It was not so lazy with a million small children screaming and swimming between our feet. I feel old. I'm now one of those people that genuinely wants to be lazy on the lazy fuckin river. What the hell?
  10. We went around a few times. Since I'm used to it being 104 while I work in a heavy t shirt and jeans inhaling diesel fumes and saw dust, I was less than pleased when it got down to 85 (which feels cold now??)
  11. We went back to the wave pool (no rides today) and dicked around some more. One of the chicks was pretty into screaming which was a little irritating but nothing like when she got drunk later and was throwing a tantrum.
  12. We got some dip and dots. Drove home. Had some pizza.
  13. I'm fucking starving. I'm gonna go eat something.
  14. Giphy