What are you guys watching?? Any recommends??
  1. I'm currently just getting started on "House of Cards"
  2. I'm constantly watching and re-watching "How I Met Your Mother"
  3. Flaked
    No gifs for this I guess
  4. That's it
  5. Jessica Jones and Daredevil are the Netflix marvel originals that are pretty good
    Suggested by @LanaRodz
  6. Currently watching Jessica Jones and rewatching Scrubs one last time before they take it off😭
    Next up, Daredevil season two👍🏽
    Suggested by @supabg
  7. Sense8
    It's a Netflix original. There is only one season right now, but the second will be released this summer.
    Suggested by @holly70
  8. Salem
    The first two seasons are on Netflix. The third season will be released on Halloween and can be watched on Hulu plus.
    Suggested by @holly70