What I can't get out of my head

I made this one a while back but thanks to the updates (😒) it was hidden.
  1. Her eyes
  2. Her laugh
    Her giggle and snort
  3. Helping her write a paper and giving her different ideas for words while subtly running my fingers up and down her back. And how much she said this motion and my sudden exchange from goofiness ("being a goob") to being intelligent and concentrated on language for her benefit, turned her on.
  4. Her skin
    How soft and warm it is
  5. Her voice
    Totally unique
  6. The way she smiles
    Playfully and with whimsy
  7. Sitting at the back table of a quaint Cuban restaurant dining on breaded fish and shrimp listening to live acoustic guitar (bob Dylan's all along the watchtower) next to the most beautiful girl and realizing for the first time in a long time just how happy I felt.
    Not just fine or not depressed. But full of beauty. That's what she's given me thus far.
  8. Just how warm she makes me feel
    In my chest and neck and behind my eyes
  9. The wave of euphoria when she puts her head on my chest
    Better than morphine
  10. How soft it felt when she took my hand and put it to her cheek before kissing my palm.
  11. Her expression after she laid down on top of my back as I lay face down on the floor to keep me from getting up....and I proceeded to perform push-ups.
    Im a show off
  12. What it's like when we go into a different room to grab something and she turns around, puts her arms around me and her head on my chest, rubs my back, and says "..hi."
  13. She's also "vegan"
  14. Jim and Pam are us.. A lot