Felt like making a list
  1. Watch movies
    Any movie as long as it's interesting. Today I watched "to the bone" and I'm currently watching "everything must go". Movies are a great little escape. Reading is good but too many good books remind me why I'm sad. And concentrating on a book is tough when your mental atmosphere is overcast or chaotic. I try to pick up on quirky things to put into writing. Like mini stories in the story.
  2. Find wisdom
    "Facts of the world are sealed in minds. People wear a facade. All of reality goes on behind their eyes, and there lie secret plans and hidden agendas. A tar of false motives and intentions. Truth mauled. Because the past does not exist except as a threadbare fragment in the weaker minds of the many."-Janna levin
  3. Journal
    When I can. Just gotta get the words down. Thinking about short stories. I need to get off the ground again.
  4. Go through a to do list
    Feeling productive and managing my time casually feels better than wallowing. Like I'm working towards a new place. It's quite satisfying.
  5. Workout
    Nothing feels better than a solid workout.
  6. Go on dates by myself
    Treating myself to a meal is a lovely way to spend an evening.
  7. Read
    I'm reading "bird by bird" which so far is a down to earth and insightful book on writing and life.