I hope I'm lucky enough to have children. (I'd like a daughter)
  1. I hope you live to see a time when people don't hate so much. That we all work together as people. That we stop acting so foolish.
  2. I hope that when you're ready that you kiss somebody and make love to someone special and I hope they realize how lucky they are to know you like that.
    I hope they protect you. From others and from yourself.
  3. I hope you feel lucky to know them. Like you won the biggest lottery. Because that's what love feels like. Like a miracle and an inspiration and awfully wonderful.
  4. I hope you have the patience to forgive others for hurting you. That it's just a part of being human to be hurt, that we are all still learning.
  5. I hope you have the strength to love someone. It will take everything you've got and then some.
  6. I hope they make you laugh.
  7. I hope you smile more than you cry.
  8. I hope that when you cry it's because you're so overjoyed that you can't contain yourself.
  9. I hope you learn amazing things and strive to discover. In the classroom but especially in the real world. Because that's where it matters. Where it counts.
  10. I hope you get to know other people. That they inspire and amaze you with their uniqueness. There are so many chances to see a new perspective.
  11. I hope you hold onto your innocence for a little while. There's something so special about being a child. You'll miss it terribly when it's gone.
    But don't be so lost in it that you can't move on. Change after all is inevitable and important.
  12. I hope you climb hills and then mountains and trees. I hope you dig ditches and build little clay houses and then big wooden houses. I hope you work with your hands until they are course and express the effort you put into life. I hope you take care of them.
  13. I hope you chuckle in the face of your critics. I hope they tilt their head when you do and ask "what's so funny?" I hope you smile, shake your head, and then set out to finish what you started.
  14. I hope you dance. Especially in soft light slowly with someone that smells nice and is warm.
  15. I hope you sleep in on the weekends until your mother asks if you're sick. That you get up, have cereal, take a nap, and write poetry.
  16. I hope you take long showers and sing off key and steam up the mirrors and draw smiley faces on them.
  17. I hope you run really far and feel earth between your toes and smell the woods at night.
  18. I hope you see sunsets. I hope you are warm most of the time.
  19. I hope you experience heartbreak. It opens you up to what's inside you. You'll know it because you'll feel more empty than you've ever felt and at the same time bursting with pain from your center that strikes at unsuspecting moments (the sound of their name, an old picture, their handwriting). I promise it doesn't last forever.
  20. I hope you earn the wisdom to know when to ignore your elders. Even me.
  21. I hope stay up really late by yourself watching movies. I hope you learn something about yourself watching them.
  22. I hope you walk outside and breathe deeply. When it's snowy and cold and your breath freezes in the air. When it's warm and the stars are out and crickets sing. I hope you sigh and go inside to sleep deeply.
  23. I hope you dream.
  24. I hope you never forget what it means to work hard. I hope you strive to reach your goals.
  25. I hope you know that my door will always be open. Even when you think I'm gone.
  26. I hope you keep a place in your heart for animals. I hope you treat them with love and affection.
  27. I hope you exercise and enjoy it.
  28. I hope you say things you mean. I hope you spend more time observing than talking.
  29. I hope you stretch when you wake up and that you get up before the sun does.
  30. I hope you can't sleep at night because you don't want to take your eyes off that person who means more to you than anything ever has.
  31. I hope you fight the good fight. That you stay out of it if you can but hit back harder when someone takes a swing. I hope you protect people.
  32. I hope you are kind. That you spend time with children and let them teach you things. I hope you compliment them on their drawings and hang them up for everyone to see. I hope you hug them until they let go.
  33. I hope you make music or write poetry or sing or speak. I hope you craft beautiful things. I hope you are honest in your expression.
  34. I hope you are true to yourself. Always.
  35. I hope you are happy. More than anything I want you to be happy.
  36. I hope you sleep softly and dress sharply and speak carefully but powerfully and I hope you love passionately.
  37. I hope you are concise in action and pervasive in thought.
  38. I hope your values lead you to prosperity of your soul, mind, and heart.
  39. I hope you learn to balance fun and longevity. Don't let worry take the excitement out of you. You only live once.
  40. I hope that when you are scared. That you remember what it means to be courageous. And that it's important to follow that feeling. You can learn so much from fear if only you are brave enough to face it.
  41. I hope you do something to make the world better. I hope you remember to help those less fortunate around you. Remember to give back.
  42. I hope you never stop learning.
  43. I hope you realize that boredom is as real as any emotion. That it's your call to action. Make something of it.
  44. I hope you keep in mind that you are human. Not a single human in existence has been perfect and neither are you. Don't beat yourself up. Life is one big experiment. Assess and take action.
  45. I hope you believe in yourself. Beyond everything.
  46. I hope you never have to see war but that you will visit it upon anybody who threatens your family.
  47. I hope you learn to cook good food and bring smiles to people's faces.
  48. I hope you make chocolate for someone at least once.
  49. I hope you live fully and that you are proud.
  50. I hope you know how deeply I love you.