1. Someone sexy to flirt with
    This sounds crass but... Okay yeah it's crass. Sue me. I enjoy flirting.
  2. Someone beautiful to compliment
    This must be the same person as above
  3. Someone to make out with
    Same person
  4. Someone to make pancakes for
    Or waffles. I love waffles
  5. Someone to talk dirty to
    "Your eyebrows are hot" oh yeah
  6. Someone to cuddle
    Cuddles ☺️😍
  7. Someone to have sleep overs with
    *cough* tantric sex *cough* same person *cough*
  8. Someone to dance slowly with
    To novo amor
  9. Someone to experiment with
    Safe word is "Novak"
  10. Someone to have sleep overs with
    Actually a movie night with one large sleeping bag and popcorn and she picks the movies
  11. Someone to buy sexy underwear for
    Every man needs a good reason to go into Victoria's Secret
  12. Someone to plan birthdays for
    An all day birthday extravaganza
  13. Someone to spank
  14. Someone to write poetry for
    It's long poetry
  15. Someone to....
    Not gonna ruin all you list app innocents
  16. Someone to look at when I'm sad
    Cus it makes me warm inside