Basically the spark notes of my dreams
  1. Mountain
  2. Skyrim
  3. Mom
  4. Potions
  5. Iron man
  6. Artificial intelligence
  7. (I woke up and wrote down the above at 3 am, then.)
  8. I'm a blue monster from X men
  9. almost have sex with really cute chick in a prison
    I lied to the asshole guards so I could get in and talk to her
  10. get tested for ability (can fight really well and I'm stone cold)
    It was kinda like getting TSA'ed at the airport but less handsey
  11. somehow at aunts house
  12. sneaking around
  13. get caught by old neighbors
    Like 90 year olds
  14. they tell us of her really old chicken and how it is in love with another even older chicken.
    It was a wild tale