What yesterday was like

  1. I woke up at 8:30
  2. Showered and cleaned mah body
  3. Made burk fest
    6 eggs and black coffee
  4. Eat burk fest
  5. Watched Gordon Ramsey curse out lousy restaurant owners.
  6. Did some laundry
  7. Spent an hour making a new work out plan
  8. Worked out
  9. Went on a run
    6 miles
  10. It was hot out
  11. Went to a middle school baseball game with family
  12. Didn't watch. Just read and texted a friend
  13. Another friend called me in tears
  14. I talked her into calming down
  15. She's okay
  16. Then I texted a beautiful girl
  17. She went to sleep. I didn't
  18. Stayed up till 2 am looking at her picture and thinking of more poetry I could write for her
  19. Passed out.
  20. Dreamt of her continuously
  21. Woke up
  22. She texted me ha