I feel like writing a poem off the top of my head. Prepare for strange word connections.
  1. I write mostly for her.
  2. I write that which bursts in my heart.
  3. The virulent racing parts of me that jump to escape from the inner confines of my soul.
  4. To run free in sunlight and consume the freshness verbatim glaring airily on wings of temperate cloud.
  5. Pouring down my throat are the tears of a loving heart
  6. That wholesome glowing corporeal never solid mass that beat once for her and now beats twice in loving her.
  7. They pool on my mind a kind of lettering. Prancing forthwith go not apologetically towards my memory palace.
  8. That room where I keep her
  9. So warm and so light
  10. Here is where she sings and in so singing shatters barriers thick. So strong.
  11. Stretches out into oblivion and makes it fertile again.
  12. Growing galaxies amidst the wreckage of an unenlightened past for my freckled airy mind to come a light in passion for her harmony.
  13. She so easily takes me broken dreams and builds them up anew.
  14. Here I sit achingly alight with ocean fire for my passion for her.
  15. It burns inside me lest I allow it to be. So free.
  16. My cheeks anointed like soft tapestries with the painted lips of her love. So jovial
  17. Am i
  18. For her beauty is that of the finer things.
  19. Such simple dreams
  20. And that of the virulent clashing of natural phenom.
  21. Such as the calm Sunday morning. In light fresh so pleasantly adorned among the bed sheets wrapped furtively about our intertwined bodies. We smile into each other's sleepy smile. Fogged in dreams of one another.
  22. Or the wrap of winter on Summer's door. As fall blossoms anew and sidewalks caked with leaves come over taken with fine white snow. Crunching as it does in the hollow light at night from moon and stars so bright. I see her shiver. Wrap hands around her middle. Shiver too. Eyes that are blue. Cascading brilliance in pupils, like dew, on an evening
    Petal. A hue. Unlike any before hers.
  23. I write poetry.
  24. For her.