Omg!!!!! Best list request ever!!!! @lesbian you're a sweetheart!! 💜💜
  1. I came from the brain of a super macho dudio who is always trying to hide his real feelings from most people around him and if you met in person (and I didn't know you were a fellow lister) I would seem cold, focused, introspective, and brash. But this cold exterior hides my interior which you all seem to adore according to @lesbian
  2. So I guess I'm like my own alter ego. Like, if you asked my family what I was like you would not get answers that matched my attitude on here.
  3. More like: he's very opinionated, quiet, and he lifts weights.
  4. Cus idk. I like being mysterious. 😎
  5. And I suppose from my quiet little batman like position I get to see sides of people that I normally wouldn't.
  6. Cus people just trust quiet dudes I guess
  7. So I then get to pull all my magical love from the shadows and try to help them feel good
  8. So when I see people being all lovey on the list app
  9. It feeds my lovey-ness
  10. And people just enjoy that. I don't want to spread mean-ness or anger.
  11. I think everyone should feel special and appreciated and loved.
  12. So if it's gonna come from anyone then it might as well come from me.
  13. And when you give your love to others you get tons back.
  14. I've felt lonely before. I've felt pain. Even at the tender age I inhabit.
  15. Or especially because of it.
  16. And don't want anyone else to feel that way.
  17. So I spread kindness as best I can.
  18. Of course I can I can only do so much.
  19. The most powerful and important thing you can do to better yourself...
  20. Is love yourself
  21. Love yourself like your life depends on it.
  22. Because it does.
  23. And you deserve love.
  24. And to be happy.
  25. And to feel lovely.
  26. But if you ever need to hear it from someone else.
  27. Just ask me.
  28. I'd love being bestest buddies
  29. I love you @lesbian ❤️
  30. Keep up the awesome. 😉
  31. You can't always depend on others to help you as you have helped them. The world is indifferent to our plights. I don't want to waste any time feeling lesser than I am, no matter what. Be kind. Be your sweet and beautiful self. But understand who and for what you are sacrificing your need to feel like a priority. Because you matter too.
  32. Helping others is truly a selfish act. When that rare moment comes and you can really help somebody. To make them feel so grateful, so thankful, to have confidence in you; to have a friend in you. That you wouldn't think of yourself for an instant in coming to their aid because of the quality of your heart. To knock down walls for them. .
    To comfort them. To build them up strong That is such a selfish act. Because in the end there is no greater, more beautiful feeling, than to give your love to others. And no purer does this love come than from a heart who has been without love before.