Inspired by @quixotic
  1. In ten years I will be 28
    Gasp! My age is known!
  2. Romantic relationships
    I hope by then I'm in love with someone who loves me back just as strongly. I haven't had that yet. And it pains me. I want someone I can be truly affectionate with. Someone to curl up with and to talk about each other's day with. Someone to go on dates with and to see the world with. Someone who has eyes only for me. Someone understanding, kind, beautiful, intelligent, and sweet. An artist. Someone with a smile that knocks me down. Someone who knows me deeper than anyone ever has.
  3. Family
    I wouldn't mind being married by then. I'm not sure if I want kids by then or not. I've never been sure. My ultimate ideal is to have a daughter. Someone to teach things to and to protect. Someone to talk to about what she thinks about the world. Someone to teach right and wrong. To watch develop naturally as she ages. Someone to make breakfast for and to see movies with and to explore and go hiking with. Someone to devote myself to entirely.
  4. Friends
    I hope I've got more friends. Hopefully still Sierra. Maybe others. I'm not really one for having many friends. A few new ones would be cool.
  5. Career
    At this point in my life I have no clue what I want to do with my life. Vague notions of changing the world somehow. I used to want to be a soldier but I have begun to think that is not only a waste of my energies but not suited for my temperament or interests. Whatever I end up doing I hope it brings me joy, satisfaction, and enough money to afford the things I want.
  6. Home
    I'm quite confident I'll have moved out of my home state. Wherever I end up I want it to be snowy a good portion of the year and the house to be cozy and medium sized. Maybe just a one car garage. Nothing fancy.
  7. Geographically
    Somewhere snowy. Maybe a city. Im not so sure. I like it snowy. I'm not uber picky as long as it's not flat. I don't do flat. Gotta have some height to it. Whether it be mountains or buildings. Honestly I'd like to travel a lot.
  8. Health
    I plan on beefing up within the next year. Hopefully in ten years I'll be at or exceeding my goal weight and goal lifting weights (315 on bench, 405 for squat, 475 for deadlift etc.) and running a few miles every day. I'd like to be a super star of athleticism haha. Preferably on a lean diet too. No cereal (maybe cheat day though) meditation every day and strictly water for liquids. Etc etc etc.
  9. Public service
    I enjoy volunteer work. Helping out occasionally where ever I'm needed works for me. Devoting a percentage of my income to a charity or two. Ultimately I'd love to be stinkin rich and give away tons of cash to major charities to help out in a big way. Who knows if I'll be there by 28 or not.
  10. Financial
    I would like to be a millionaire. Somehow. Not sure how. But that's what I have set for myself. Either a millionaire or very well off.
  11. Vacation
    I don't take vacations. I make my life fun. Everything I do will be in service to making my life better.
  12. Faith
    I've struggled with faith for years and at this point I choose not to align myself with any particular belief. I don't see that changing. Most of my family is "Christian" but doesn't go to church. Being in Boy Scouts I've seen its benefits and it's ways first hand. I've also gone to church regularly before in an effort to be open minded. I don't find it particularly interesting or useful. In fact it's always Ruffled my feathers a tad for one reason or another.
  13. Faith (cont)
    I appreciate people who do follow a faith. In fact most everybody I know does (except one friend of mine who is devotedly atheist.) I simply decided it's not for me. So I don't consider myself any sort of -ism.
  14. Hobbies
    Traveling the globe, being a badass, driving retro motorcycles, writing (duh), and learning french fluently.
  15. Overall
    I want to be living a fun and active life, hopefully with a family, and doing something that makes the world a little better.