Who ID Want to Be Paired Up With During the Hunger Games

I'm just going to assume I can chose anybody.
  1. Deadpool
    If anything because he'd get annoyed or bored and obliterate everyone else in a matter of minutes. Could be dangerous to have around actually.
  2. Sam Fischer from the Tom Clancy video games
    A skilled paramilitary/black water operator. He'd be of use.
  3. John Reese from person of interest
    He's a skilled ex-CIA operative with a conscience. Could be of use.
  4. Jack reacher (not Tom cruise. Jack reacher. There's a difference)
    Blunt. Intelligent. Straightforward. Intimidating. My kinda guy. 6'5" 250 LBS. (NOT Tom Cruise!!!)
  5. Hank Lawson from Royal Pains
    He's not exactly a fighter but he sure can fix you in a jiffy and with limited materials. Would probably keep us from killing each other.
  6. Me, myself, and I.
    I can defend myself if I need to.