I sincerely hope this doesn't seem confrontational. I love all of you guys/gals.
  1. Recently I saw that @lesbian, @transgender, and @HisDudeness were having what I will call strong disagreements over the Kim kardashian nude selfie.
  2. The only reason I saw was that @transgender shared them via screenshots in a list celebrating both @lesbian and his own comments in regard to @HisDudeness own opinion.
  3. I was taken aback and became quite sad when I read through them.
  4. Because to my humble observation @HisDudeness had simply shared his opinion on the matter (a fair one if I may say so) and @lesbian had shared her own as well as @transgender.
  5. All of which were fair opinions which I might have enjoyed reading had it not been for the confrontation present in the language.
  6. I've always loved list app because everyone is so kind.
  7. From what I read in the comments it appeared that what @HisDudeness said really angered @lesbian and her brother. Enough so that they felt the need to discredit his opinion openly.
  8. Now I feel for the two of them. I really do. You're both wonderful people and I love your view of things. You're very important to the list app community. The same goes for the dude.
  9. I was simply deeply saddened to see three of my favorite listers going at each other like that.
  10. The list asked for opinions and they were shared.
  11. I think we're all entitled to have our own.
  12. I think that @HisDudeness was attempting to share his own views in the understanding that they would be respected.
  13. I think that @lesbian and @transgender were hurt by his words and chose to react with anger rather than the sharing of their own ideas on the subject.
  14. I think that it's really sad when people get hurt.
  15. I think it's sad when we aren't all trying to work together to discuss important topics and help each other come to conclusions that help everyone.
  16. I think women are some of the most profound and awe inspiring of people imaginable. That they deserve to appreciate themselves and to feel loved.
  17. I think everyone deserves to have an opinion. I think everyone should have an opportunity to share that opinion with an audience of all kinds of folks. Even at the possibility of opposing another individual. It's how we grow to accept one another and be united. As people.
  18. I hope this doesn't make either of the people I've tagged angry.
  19. I just felt it was important to say how I felt on the matter.
  20. You're all very important to me, kindness itself is very important to me, and progress in a positive direction is extremely important to me.