1. It makes me feel very good.
    I've never been so at peace.
  2. I think it's important to let life pause for a second.
    We can't just be rushed all the time. It isn't healthy and it does a number to our moods and attitudes.
  3. I find that it helps me find my harmony.
    When I've forgotten what it feels like to be at my best I sit down and meditate and that corrects it. If I don't meditate things start feeling and seeming far off. Like they're not the same. I forget what my purpose for the day and the week and sometimes life is. Meditation helps me get some perspective.
  4. It reminds me what's more important.
    Inner peace and feeling good. For myself and so that I don't hinder anyone else's day with a poor attitude. As well as clear and present focus.
  5. Helps me to see that I don't have to let stress affect me negatively.
  6. Helps me return to my priorities and not get distracted.
  7. If I am feeling particularly emotional I meditate and it reminds me what I really feel. In the cases that circumstance is screwing with my mind.
  8. I can become more in tune with the minute parts of my anatomy. Really feel the dents and aches and where everything is all good.
  9. It helps me to understand people.
    When they are angry with me or upset about something else I can revert to my peace and take in the situation more rationally.
  10. It elevates my mood
    I always find my bad days turn good after meditating.
  11. That's about it.
  12. You guys should check out the headspace app.
  13. It's an excellent tool for novice meditators.
  14. Giphy