1. Anna Kendrick
    She's just got that spunky free spirit attitude. Quite the fireball. I think we could have some fun haha. In bed or other wise.
  2. Priscilla Ahn
    This gal is a true sweet heart. I fall for sweethearts. She's married now though haha.
  3. Grace
    A girl from a French class I'm taking. She's absolutely gorgeous. Short blonde hair always gets me. She's also blue eyed and laughs a lot which are A plus traits in my book.
  4. Karlie kloss
    She bakes cookies, she's a model, she's just an all around super nice adorable girl. Amazing.
  5. Lizzie (Elizabeth)
    This girl is both amazingly adorable and the good kind of dirty. The only thing keeping me from dating her is a little thing called a boyfriend which she already has. But I think she enjoys my company so 👍🏼 we're best buds. Also short blonde hair and blue eyed
  6. Duh 😉. Goofy, cute, sweet, awesome at making lists. Everything in her "thing you should know if you're gonna date me" list. We are best buddies 😄😄😄 love her so much 😁😁😁😁😁
  7. Clare from "the time travelers wife"
    I love "the time travelers wife". Both the book and literally the character. Other than that thing near the end of the book. I won't ruin it for you but she did a bad with Gomez. The rest of the time she's beautiful.
  8. Sam from "the perks of being a wall flower"
    She's so lovely in the book. And I consider myself a lot like the charlie from the book. So I totally feel for the guy and I know what he feels like regarding a bunch of his thoughts. Any hoo. Sam is beautiful. And Emma Watson who played her in the movie is gorgeous