A live list
  1. I'm watching the office
  2. Thinking about reading some books.
  3. Forcing myself to make lists at this point because I'm committed to past me.
  4. Also I haven't eaten and Michael is making everyone eat hotdogs and now I want a hot dog
  5. Probably pretty crispy with ketchup and a little mayo. Maybe relish. Some onions. A few Fritos.
    I'm starving.
  6. My girlfriend called me. She wants to see a movie today.
  7. For breakfast I'm having cereal and chips
  8. Am I the only person who hates when the cereal sugar spills all over the counter
  9. I'm laying in bed eating and watching the office
  10. It's that episode where pam runs over hot coals
    I love pim
  11. I love pam
  12. I found Christmas chocolate with peanut butter inside
  13. I need to shower and get ready for the movie.
    Normally this would only take 45 minutes but with the snow it could take an hour.
  14. It's been 18 minutes and I'm still in bed
    Giphy downsized medium
  15. Okay I'm taking a shower now
  16. Waiting outside a friends house so we can go to the movie. It starts in 10 minutes