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  1. I had a weird day
  2. Okay ive had a weird month
  3. Plus a weird year
  4. But yeah anyway.
  5. I'm staying up tonight to watch zootopia.
  6. So far it's a superb movie.
  7. I really enjoy hopps and Nick (the fox).
  8. Nick is especially well done.
  9. And of course the animation is wonderful.
  10. It's very clever.
  11. Okay.
  12. Okay, fuck..
  13. Hops is giving an "I know you'll never forgive me" speech to Nick and it's so fucking... Ugh... Damn it...
  14. I'm not crying you guys.
  15. I'm not crying
  16. Giphy downsized medium
  17. Also am I the only one who noticed the breaking bad reference?
    In the scene with the sheep and the night howler?
  18. Anyway.
  19. I love this movie.
  20. There's a certain someone I want to give that speech too because it is better than anything I've been able to think up in my head the last four weeks.
    3 weeks, 5 days, 30 minutes.😞
  21. Ugh.
  22. Also plot twist...
    The sheep
  23. Also political reference.
  24. Also I'm gonna go to bed.
  25. (The sloth speeding at the end earned a full laugh.)
  26. Static