Just... How were they possibly drawn for children? Or some even adults...?
  1. This nice creature didn't make kids happy, rather create multiple OCD diagnosed kids having to check their closets 15 times before going to bed
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  2. this character really looks like he may be about to kill someone...
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  3. Which 70 yr old man was this old mouse character based off of?
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  4. Make sure you know I actually love this one, but where did this creepy baby thing come from?
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  5. 1st: he's not wearing pants 2nd: he's the most negative person 3rd: he hates his life 4th: why is this character promoted on children's television? 5th: he's actually, I just realized, my favorite character ever... :)
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  6. This super disproportional child... :)
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  7. Not too creepy, but she is just my least favorite cartoon and even so I wanted to add her. She demotes women down about two and a half centuries while still being so popular and liked. I kind of have to give her props and hate her at the same time.
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  8. Finally, why is this CHILDREN'S cartoon character drunk...?
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