--that I'm still working on...
  1. The difference between the cars Honda and Hondai
    What happened there...?
  2. People talking about my losses in games
    You can never mention that to me without me hurting you...
  3. People talking about my birthday
    I get really overwhelmed and unnatural when people talk about a celebration for me that I didn't deserve but just will happen...
  4. Fluorescent lights
    Is there any real reason to ever talk about fluorescent lights?
  5. When I say, "guess what?" And people respond, "what?"
    People have no motivations anymore... Really. It's sad.
  6. When someone is singing very very off key.
    I know they really can't help it, but it drives me insane. I just want to tell them, "You actually are the worst singer I think I have ever heard. Please, please, put your voice box away. For everyone. For the children!
  7. When someone looks at your new white shoes that have a little dirt at the bottom and says, "well. You had to be expecting that."
    😑 just... no.
  8. When people purse their lips (like a duck) while doing normal things
    I understand the weird picture trend, but when you're driving or something? That's just not okay.