Ranked in order of priority
  1. In those different color swirled yogurts, do the different colors actually taste different?
  2. Does it taste better if you swirl them together?
  3. How much of the same ingredients does Reese's Pieces Buttercup and Reese's Pieces crunch cereal have in common?
  4. Why hasn't some crazy smart scientist made a constant food pack giving you food every second of every day, but you can still adjust the times to the ones you want yet?
  5. Who picked blue as the color of handicap and why?
  6. Why does Skechers not have a t? It really should have a t. Sketchers. Skechers. Yeah. T's are definitely needed.
  7. What is the definition of generation? Does someone get excluded from a generation if him/her are born at 12:01am on January 1st of the next generation's first year?
  8. Is it really necessary to have a grammar teacher?
  9. Aren't spelling bees just contests to make nerdy people feel good about themselves and get pointed out to be picked on (if that school works like that) and makes everyone else feel stupid? Well. It seems like it is.
  10. Who was the first human to eat flesh on an animal? What brought them to do that?
  11. Why is food one of my favorite things when I really should be favoring curing cancer?
  12. Why is fishing pleasurable? I really just don't know.
  13. To be continued...