Thanks @sophia and @bjnovak for suggesting this! By the way, this started when I was around 5. Some of them are because of my dad bringing home editor/director cuts that I end up watching with him and the rest are just random shows my parents/family and I used to love... :)
  1. The Office rough cuts with my whole family
  2. Old Simpsons episodes with my dad and brother
  3. Parks and Rec with my parents
  4. Glee with my mom telling me every 5 minutes, "you know that's not what you're supposed to do..., right?" And me answering, "yes... Mother."
  5. Survivor with my whole family and usually with Jonathan Penner (our family friend who was on it 3 times)
  6. Modern Family with my entire family saying, "yeah. She's totally me. I would so do that" or "I take that back! I am not like her AT ALL." - that's mostly me...
  7. Heroes with my sister and dad from a very young age and I was so scared, but they made me watch it and then I loved it... Great show. I've actually only watched the first season, but... That was real good.
  8. Marry Me - the Lucy Liu thing - I watched that with my mom for no apparent reason twice when I was younger.
  9. SNL episodes and digital shorts including "I just had sex" the SNL music video that scarred me at age 8.
  10. And finally, many, many random TLC shows like Cake Boss, Say Yes to the Dress, and Mom Switch - we always loved to watch those switched up families... :)