Things from Greece I have been missing while living in London

For 17 years I have been mostly been deprived of:
  1. The Sunshine ☀️
  2. Souvlakia
  3. Milko
    Probably the best chocolate milk in the world!
  4. Easy access to Spetses
    Within two hours from Athens
  5. Kolonaki shops
  6. Window shopping at Ermou
  7. Summer shows at Herodeion Theatre
    Underneath the Acropolis
  8. The friggin' Sunshine
    If I haven't said it already.
  9. Summer night clubbing by the sea
  10. Having coffee with friends, sitting outside
    For four hours!!!
  11. The Med
    Any beach at the Greek Islands
  12. Greek tavernas
    For the food and... the food. And a view like this
  13. Biftekoupoli
    For the best meat balls in the whole wide world
  14. The SUNSHINE
    On the Greek cloud-free sky. End of