Let's all take a visit inside the journey of our noses...
  1. When I was little I got a bead from a hair bow stuck in my nose.
  2. Rice. A piece of rice.
  3. A piece of cotton fill from my favorite pillow (age 5)
    I liked how it smelled. I called it "white fluffy."
    Suggested by @maggieannre
  4. Chunks of carrot
    Suggested by @13bishopa
  5. A sticker (age 6)
    Peeled off the back of my etch-a-sketch
    Suggested by @maggieannre
  6. Pear scented scratch & sniff sticker, had to get it surgically removed😬
    Suggested by @caitlynmn
  7. Mint chocolate chip ice cream cake
    My dad said something funny at my brother's 7th birthday
    Suggested by @maggieannre
  8. A lucky charm marshmallow
    magically delicious
    Suggested by @empassini