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I'll get onto "e" in the A-Z series tomorrow but for now...
  1. I love dinosaurs and my kids.
  2. Awesomeness just outside of our city.
  3. Just a little guy.
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When I was writing the A-Z @list, some of my ideas were more solid than others... I'll let you decide on this one. I'm not 100% sure this is all of them.
  1. Boston Cream
  2. Raspberry
  3. Strawberry
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After I was old enough to expand beyond Romper Room, Fred Penner & Mister Dressup, but before I switched over to watching The Fresh Prince and Family Matters after school, these were the shows I dug.
  1. Pro stars
    Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bo Jackson fighting...evil? For best results, eat Pro-Stars cereal while watching.
  2. Samurai Pizza Cats
    Exactly what it sounds and looks like.
  3. Rugrats
    I used to really like to drink some hot kool aid (my friend got me started on that) and watch this for a while.
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To be 100% upfront I haven't been able to go for a few years because we have a million children now, or 4, but soon I'll be headed out again and I can't wait because, backpacking is the best.
  1. The views are amazing.
  2. Glacier fed lakes are super clean, beautiful, and cold.
  3. You get campsites like this.
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I've been doing a lot of film projects lately and haven't had time to use my Li.st creativity. Today I decided to make a list of Li.sts I can make in the future, one for every letter. I'll try to do one each day but... sometimes things work better than other times.
  1. A-Z Li.sts
    Off to a good start.
  2. Backpacking is the best, here's why.
  3. Cartoons I Liked As A Child
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Planning to head to bed but, if someone offered right now...
  1. Jurassic Park
  2. The Hunt For The Wilderpeople
  3. ET
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My nerdiest list yet!
  1. 1.
    Because...look at him. That's a #1.
  2. 2.
    Because it probably made great sounds using that bone on its noggin.
  3. 3.
    These would be the best dinosaur to watch fight each other.
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I try not to be to focussed on possessions, but some things...you want.
  1. Chance The Rapper 3 Hat
  2. New Camera Lens
    For work.
    Light..for work
  4. Chance The Rapper 3 Hat
    It's the main thing really...
I hate Snapchat. But I work in the music industry, so I'm supposed to care about it… I keep trying… I keep hating it.
  1. 1
  2. 2
  3. 3
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  1. Everytime.
  2. It's a new discovery but so far, incredibly solid read/laugh ratio
  3. If you never forget this video, you will lead a happy life.
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