I've been doing a lot of film projects lately and haven't had time to use my Li.st creativity. Today I decided to make a list of Li.sts I can make in the future, one for every letter. I'll try to do one each day but... sometimes things work better than other times.
  1. A-Z Li.sts
    Off to a good start.
  2. Backpacking is the best, here's why.
  3. Cartoons I Liked As A Child
  4. Doughnut flavours I have eaten
  5. Elephants are amazing because:
  6. Football teams (National) ranked in order of my support.
  7. Goals
  8. Hip-hop albums I love
  9. Iambic Pentameter
  10. Jobs I Would not like to have
  11. Kaleidoscope eyes (AKA Beatles phrases I dig)
  12. Local bands I loved.
  13. Movies I should have seen by now but haven't.
  14. Nincompoops of history
  15. Onomatopoeia
  16. Proposal Ideas
  17. Quick Words Of Wisdom
  18. Rock(ish) albums that changed my life.
  19. Sayings without meaning
  20. Ten embarrassing moments from my life
  21. Underdogs who lost
  22. Venus Flytrap Photos
  23. Weezer's First 8 Albums Ranked
  24. X-Ray Images Of Fruit
  25. Yes! I like that!
  26. Zipper History