Albums I Have Spun a Billion Times

Most of these are/were for a season but a few have been constant friends. In rough chronological order of discovery. I've probably missed some but...
  1. The Beatles - Self-titled (White Album)
    The first music I ever fell in love with. I absolutely couldn't get enough.
  2. The Beatles - Best of 1962-1966
    It feels weird having a best of on this list, but it was an important one to me. Taught me everything I would ever need to know about pop and falling in love with a song.
  3. Jars Of Clay - Self-titled
    I had the "platinum" edition... Which felt very important at the time.
  4. Weezer - Self-titled (The Blue Album)
    This and the Five Iron Frenzy record below were the first albums that turned me into a superfan of a band. I wore out several copies pulling it in and out of my CD book.
  5. Five Iron Frenzy - Proof That The Youth Are Revolting
    A live album, this one took me from a guy who likes music into someone who is obsessed with music. I was convinced that FIF was the pinnacle of musical joy.
  6. Weezer - Pinkerton
    All the feels. Pinkerton is never is far from my mind.
  7. Oasis - (What's The Story) Morning Glory
    Sometimes you just want to listen to an old friend. For whatever reason, since the first time I heard this record it has been a very comforting record to listen to. It just feels like it makes sense (even though lyrically, it actually doesn't make that much sense)
  8. John Reuben - Are We There Yet
    This may have been the first rap album I fell in love with. I had always liked Snoop & 2Pac best, and this certainly wasn't that. The willingness to be silly and not take things too seriously appealed to me in a very big way. John is a friend now and if you had told me that in grade 9 I surely would have pooped my pants.
  9. 7 Ball - Gas Collection 11
    7 Ball was a indie music magazine that came with a free sampler CD every month. #11 was the one.
  10. Chuck Berry - The Great 28
    One of the first albums I bought on vinyl, and consistently one of my all time favourites. It embodies every bit of promise Rock n' Roll can.
  11. Rage Against The Machine - Evil Empire
    My introduction to Rage Against The Machine and to the potential effectiveness of changing the world through overt artistic statements.
  12. Rage Against The Machine - The Battle Of Los Angeles
    If there are two albums that define high school for me it's this one and Evil Empire. The music, the mashup of hip-hop and rock, the politics. No one has blended all of it so well before or since.
  13. Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III
    Oh man, this record. From start to finish. One of the greatest records ever for highlighting each and every member into a perfect medley.
  14. The Strokes - Is This It
    When The Strokes first came out they captured my everything. I listened to every import track I could find (New York City Cops is near perfection), watched every video available (back in my day we didn't have no YouTubes), and told every stranger I met about this band that I figured would change EVERYTHING.
  15. The White Stripes - Elephant
    I loved The White Stripes since De Stijl, but for whatever reason this is the one that lived in my CD player for weeks at a time.
  16. This Conviction - From Wood & Stone
    A local band in Grande Prairie, and honestly one of the best records I've ever heard. I only wish the world had known these guys. 2 voices, 2 acoustic guitars, a lot of honesty, a dash of hard rock sensibilities, so good.
  17. John Coltrane- A Love Supreme
    My life reached a point that I wanted to "get" jazz. I could kinda tell I could like it, but didn't yet. Then I found this album. Game changer. Everything clicked.
  18. John Reuben- Sex, Drugs & Self Control
    Honestly, I never thought the record company put enough into this one. For my money it's Reuben's best work. Great lyrics, great beats, pushing genre boundaries.
  19. Weezer - Make Believe
    For my money, this is Weezer's most underrated album by a long shot. Go listen to Perfect Situation and you'll know what I mean.
  20. Machinery - White Tusk
    Another Grande Prairie band who's music is probably near impossible to find now. This album was the most glorious piece of hooky accessible indie lo-fi I've heard yet.
  21. John Butler Trio - Grand National
    My wife first came across John Butler via his song Ocean on YouTube, that lead us to this album, which lead us to a concert. This album captures something I've never been able to put my finger on, something deep in the human experience...that sounds like artsy nonsense, but it's true.
  22. Joel Plaskett Emergency - Ashtray Rock
    One of my favourite albums to sit down and listen to in one sitting. Amazing storytelling laid in perfect songs that flow together beautifully, both in theme and lyrics.
  23. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis- The Heist
    Let's forget the "Kendrick is better" argument (which nearly everyone can agree on) for a moment. When I was first turned this record, I didn't bother listening to anything else for a month. If you work in the arts and "so damn close I can taste it" doesn't speak to your soul... I don't know... That's weird.
  24. Luke Dowler - West EP
    This record is AMAZING. I listen to it at least weekly and it consistently impresses me. Please listen.
  25. Kanye & Jay Z - Watch The Throne
    From track one, I liked this record, but then I hit Otis. Obsessed. This album has fueled me through many an all night editing session.
  26. The Wet Secrets - Free Candy
    Check this band out immediately. It's danceable, it's fun, it's Canadian, they wear marching band uniforms. Their music captures a je ne sais quoi that you have to hear. Trust me, from the moment I saw these guys at an industry showcase to now, I have spun this record more times than you would think possible and gone to as many live shows as possible.
  27. Taylor Swift - 1989
    Let's get real. This is as close to a perfect pop record as anything since Thriller.
  28. Jay Z - Unplugged
    Somehow I didn't know this existed until very recently. I'm making up for lost time.