All about my black rabbit

My first @list request AND it's a story. I'm in. Thanks @dudleyjoshua!
  1. This is the story of my rabbit Ninjer
  2. One day I was out directing a pilot for a web series and my wife called frantically. She and the kids had accidentally caught a baby bunny.
  3. Now, our town has a lot of cute wild bunnies, but they are typically rather easy to avoid catching, so let me explain:
  4. The kids called Sarah to the yard, where the neighbourhood stray cat was attacking something in a bush. Thinking it was a rat, they all cheered, however when the cat emerged he was carrying a super cute baby bunny! This prompted Sarah to chase him around the yard eventually rescuing the bunny.
  5. He was this cute:
  6. We weren't sure if he was big enough yet to survive on his own and no sign of mother so, we decided to keep him until he was big enough to escape the stray cat.
  7. My 4 year old named him Ninjer
  8. Naturally we got attached and trained him to appear in a short film.
  9. So by now Ninjer is a valued member of our family and lives on our deck.
  10. The problem is he also poops on our deck, and rabbits poop A LOT! And film class went better than litter box class.
  11. So we move his cage down to the yard and he lives there, but we want him to get exercise so we occasionally let him run around the yard and then stick him back in the cage. Since he is a trained rabbit this generally works well.
  12. However, one day we left him out for a few hours and he stayed in the yard nicely... That night he decides he HATES the cage and starts throwing himself against the door.
  13. So he becomes a free range yard rabbit.
  14. And he stayed around for a couple months.
  15. But one day he crossed the busy road, and was too nervous to come back.
  16. After a couple days I tried to pick him up and carry him back, spooked him, and he made a run for it...and that was the last we saw of Ninjer.
  17. He's not dead. Just went to find a bunny, with whom he can breed like a rabbit.