I have been tracking the Olympics pretty closely (obviously), here is your update of everything I know so far.
  1. Gabby Douglas is a gymnast. She seems to be very good and won medals along with her American teammates.
    Sidenote: Apparently some people later trying to disparage her because they feel the need to express their opinion on everything… But we are going to ignore those people
  2. Canadian women are still good at football (soccer)
  3. The swimming guy with green hair pretended to be robbed and lied to various law enforcement agencies about it.
    Leaving the possibility of jail in multiple countries...meanwhile, his pal Phelps spent his time winning every race in water that humanity has invented thus far
  4. Usain Bolt is still the fastest human ever and he is friends with a Canadian guy.
    Who is also very fast.
  5. Someone named Penny won a gold medal for Canada
    Not sure what sport...something we Canadians are great at I suppose.
  6. American women seem to be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th fastest women on earth.
  7. A lady in her 40's is also a gymnast