Backpacking is the best. Here's why.

To be 100% upfront I haven't been able to go for a few years because we have a million children now, or 4, but soon I'll be headed out again and I can't wait because, backpacking is the best.
  1. The views are amazing.
  2. Glacier fed lakes are super clean, beautiful, and cold.
  3. You get campsites like this.
  4. Tenting is always fun.
  5. It's the best way to cook.
  6. Such a good way to carve out long chill times with friends.
  7. And, it provides pretty great location for those chill moments.
  8. Alpine meadows are my favourite.
  9. Ugh. So pretty.
  10. More meadows.
  11. You get to climb tall things.
  12. And camp places like this too.
  13. And follow amazing, nearly untouched streams.
  14. It's just plain fun.
  15. This was also really fun... until those rocks...that hurt a bit.
  16. It's my favourite.