Bands I Wish More People Listened To

I've always felt good music is worth sharing.
  1. Carolina Chocolate Drops
    AHHHH! So good!
  2. The Wet Secrets
    The outfits, the music, the lyrics, the danceability right now. Listen up!
  3. Luke Dowler
    For my money, easily the most under-exposed songwriter in America today.
  4. Mos Def
    Admittedly a lot more people listen to Mos Def than most of these artists...but not enough.
  5. mewithoutYou
    Post-rock-something-something, try it, some are held back by the vocal style, but you shouldn't be.
  6. Butch Walker
    Again, a slightly more known entity but...pure gold.
  7. Mikey Blue Shoes
    Lo-fi production but some of this kids songs...dang.
  8. Joel Plaskett (Emergency)
    A true Canadian treasure.