Cartoons I Enjoyed As A Child

After I was old enough to expand beyond Romper Room, Fred Penner & Mister Dressup, but before I switched over to watching The Fresh Prince and Family Matters after school, these were the shows I dug.
  1. Pro stars
    Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Bo Jackson fighting...evil? For best results, eat Pro-Stars cereal while watching.
  2. Samurai Pizza Cats
    Exactly what it sounds and looks like.
  3. Rugrats
    I used to really like to drink some hot kool aid (my friend got me started on that) and watch this for a while.
  4. Darkwing Duck
    Comedy gold. I think I would still like this...I should go back and try it sometime. Since writing this I am now on a quest to one day direct a Darkwing Duck film.
  5. Talespin
    So, this one, Darkwing Duck and the next one were all part of a package called "The Disney Afternoon Show" on our local station. My friend and I started a sort of fan club...
  6. Chip & Dale Rescue Rangers
    Our club activities included writing your own versions of the songs, crafts, going to the park, and of course watching The Disney Afternoon Show.
  7. Animaniacs
    I've heard this is coming back?!
  8. Doug
    I imagine this show taught me everything I would need to know about relationships.
  9. Spider-man
    This show obviously taught me everything I would need to know about catching thieves just like flies.
  10. Pinky & The Brain
    I almost forgot, this became its own show!
  11. Captain Planet
    This show was AMAZING!!! Though, didn't you always feel bad for "heart" when they were showing off their powers?