Free Band Names

There are always people out there trying to come up with the perfect band name, let's make them an easy access list! These names are all free to use but, be a champ and write in your bio you got it from @list, honestly it's a talking point, which you need for press.
  1. SilkSmiths
  2. The Red Assault
  3. ________ & The Husks
    Simply add your first name!
  4. Honeyboard
  5. Forever Fling
  6. Little Louise
  7. The Squawks
  8. Cherry Drops
  9. Kingston
  10. The Dustbowls
  11. Breadlines
  12. Wooden Glass
  13. Fox & Bird
  14. Sweet Nothings
  15. The Steel Birds
  16. Future96
  17. Spirit of Leonardo
  18. Unity Wars
  19. Shiner
  20. St. Kitts and the Grenadines
    Suggested by   @listerine86