If I could go back in time and attend a concert for each decade 🎤

Inspired by @theshome & @jmewants2travel this is honestly my favourite idea for a @list I've seen yet. Made some new rules, had to be bands I have never seen and due to whatever circumstances, will almost certainly never get to see.
  1. 1920's
    James P. Johnson
  2. 1930's
    Ella Fitzgerald
  3. 1940's
    Louis Armstrong
  4. 1950's
    Jerry Lee Lewis (I'm so sorry Chuck & Buddy)
  5. 1960's
    The Beatles (couldn't possibly miss the chance)
  6. 1970's
    Queen (or Zep..too hard to know for sure)
  7. 1980's
  8. 1990's
    Rage Against The Machine
  9. 2000's
    The White Stripes
  10. 2010's
    The Civil Wars
  11. If you happen to enjoy nerding out on this sort of thing as much as me, here is my "song a year" playlist (1955-2014)