I love more podcasts than I have time to listen to. My tastes are a little all over the map but tend towards things that talk about the arts.
  1. Startup
    A great ants-eye-view about starting a company and figuring out how to build it.
  2. Serial
    Can not wait for it's return. A really in-depth season long look at a crime that still involves a lot of questions.
  3. The Tim Ferriss Show
    Interviews with world class performers in a wide variety of fields about what makes them tick. The interview with @bjnovak was actually what turned me onto @list.
  4. Dan Carlin's Hardcore History
    Amazing extra-long form (think multiple 3 hr episode mini-series) look at some of the most interesting points of human history. SO good.
  5. The Phil Vischer Podcast
    A panel discussing faith, culture, and whatever else enters their minds.
  6. Cool interviews with cool people. I dig it especially when they interview great producers, writers and directors.
  7. Dragon Tongues
    A really rad podcast about dinosaurs. Nerdy and delightful.
  8. I Was There Too
    Interviews with people who were there but not the stars of some of the most iconic moments in film history.
  9. Producing Unscripted
    Great insights into the world of unscripted television and actionable advice for those looking to get into it. I don't currently care for much unscripted TV but lots of the advice applies to all indie video & film creators.
  10. Stuff You Should Know
    Explaining everything from "How Pez Works" to "How Anonymous Works" to "How Plasma Waste Converters Work"
  11. For Colored Nerds
    Their description is: "Things black people talk about when white people aren't around"... I'm white so I guess I don't know, but it's good listening.
  12. The Vinyl Cafe
    Great great storytelling by Stuart McLean. Funny, poignant, awesome.
  13. The Music Biz Weekly
    Great rundowns and discussions about the music industry hosted by Michael Brandvold
  14. Inside Music
    Great interviews of people working in the alternative music scene by James Shotwell
  15. Surprisingly Awesome
    Stuff that seems boring's awesomeness explained! Ps it's another Gimlet Media one.