There are certain song that are pretty much on auto-load in my brain. Some are favourites, some are not.
  1. California Love
  2. Oliver, Oliver!
    From Oliver! - My dad sang this if I EVER asked for more so...
  3. Allstar
    Smashmouth - In the not favourite camp
  4. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
    The Beatles - Naming my daughter Lucy do not lesson this.
  5. Hotel Yorba
    The White Stripes
  6. Pretty Good Looking (For A Girl)
    The White Stripes
  7. Hey Leonardo
    Blessid Union of Souls - In grade 9 my girlfriend (now wife) told me at the time she liked this song so I checked it out and now it's forever stuck.
  8. Pink Triangle
  9. Boinga
    Alicia Keys ...its from the kids show "The Backyardigans"
  10. A-Tisket, A-Tasket
    Ella Fitzgerald
  11. Eleanor Rigby
    The Beatles