Or rather officially launching something that has deserved attention.
  1. This is my wife Sarah
    She is my very favourite human.
  2. We met in grade 7, started dating in grade 9 and got married right before I turned 21.
  3. For the first several years of out marriage we wrote and produced a monthly family theatre show called "Studio Y?".
    It ran for 7 seasons before we decided it was time to move on.
  4. A couple years later I left my job and started Checkered Owl Media.
    We manage music artists and also produced a huge variety of film projects.
  5. We have been hard at work on Checkered Owl for almost 5 years.
    Managing Luke Dowler, Tasman Jude, Black Indie and Caleb Hart. Shooting commercials, weddings, music videos, and more.
  6. And then last year we had the chance to make a short film.
    Thanks to an amazing grant program called STORYHIVE!
  7. We told the story of a little girl who loses her tooth and then follows a bunny into a magical forest!
    For an extra bit of fun we were able to work with our kids on it!
  8. During that process we rediscovered & became re-enamored with a couple things.
    #1. How much we love to write and create together as a couple and a family. #2. How many people are looking for great media that they can watch with their whole family. #3. That there is just not enough art created for families that celebrates innocence, hope and joy. ... ..... Inception list!
  9. And so we are doing something about it! We are starting to work on a whole bunch of family content.
    So far some scripts, treatments and manuscripts are all ready to go and we are hunting for the appropriate sponsors, publishers etc.
  10. If you are interested in joining us on this journey, we have a FB page.
  11. Static
    Let us know what you think! Tell the friends.