Doing some light pondering that grew into deeper pondering as one does on Father's Day.
  1. Life Isn't Fair
    I can't possibly recall how many times I tried to complain "That's not fair" and every single time I heard the reply "Life isn't fair son". That's true. It's been a gift to me with limitless benefits. Recognizing this has helped me remember that I come from life of privilege and that other people fall all over that spectrum; AND that if I want things to go my way, that's up to me not "fairness".
  2. To Treat My Wife & Mom With Respect
    My Dad always treated my mom with the upmost respect. He expected me to do the same. I'm eternally thankful for that display of how a husband should behave.
  3. Ask Questions
    Whether about practicalities, theology, home life, philosophy, girlfriends, dinosaurs, politics or anything else, Dad was always welcome to me asking him questions. Encouraged me to ask anyone questions. Whether I was challenging a belief I didn't understand or just had no clue how to proceed, he was open to discussion. It's how I learned to think.
  4. Respect Authority
    My dad didn't really have to drive this one in about himself, if you know the guy, you respect him. However, he did make sure to explain the importance to me of respecting those who were in positions in authority over me. My school teachers wish I would have learned it faster but I've received the long term benefits of my slow learn.
  5. The Love Of Consuming Information
    My Dad taught me the start to about 33% of both of our sentences "So, I was listening to the CBC the other day and ___________", that has been changed mostly (for both of us) to "So, I was listening to a podcast the other day and ___________" but it's a huge part of how I learn, and I learned it from him.
  6. The Value Of Hard Work
    One time when I was a 14 year old kid, it was my second weekend of work, and I got really sick. But it was my second weekend on the job so my Dad got me to get dressed and drug me in there. They of course saw my pale face and immediately sent me home; but honestly, it's one of my proudest memories, in that moment I knew what commitment meant and how important it is to push through, show up and do the work.
  7. How To Be Strong
    Fellow Dads, listen up. It's true that macho-ism can be over done in our culture, it's true that men have feelings, it's true that a good cry can be a good thing. It's also true that you need to be a rock of strength. My Dad has always been there, wether times were good or bad, dude is a rock. That is invaluable. Be that for your family.
  8. Putting Others Before Yourself
    I'm sure my dad would never point to himself as an example of this. He would point to Jesus, but if you have ever spent more than a day with the guy you see it dropping out of every pore. I hope I learned that lesson well.
  9. I Am Loved & Important
    One could argue that my parents and grandparents constant drilling into me how great I am has made my fight against pride a little more difficult; but I've seen a lot of people fight that battle from the other side, and my dad erred in the right direction. I have never once had a day where I questioned if there was anyone who had my back, anyone who would go to bat for me at a moments notice. For that above all, I am eternally grateful.