Things In My Glove Compartment

Cleaning out my van to sell and looked in my glove compartment, no gloves but:
  1. Car Registration & Insurance
    Keeping things legal.
  2. Sprit Gum Remover
    You never know when you will come across a fake mustache that needs to be removed.
  3. 10 Cents of Canadian Tire Money
    Like a paper dime reserved for Canadian Tire.
  4. Business Cards
    Slightly outdated description but, we still do that so its cool.
  5. Gravol
    Avoid the motion sickness.
  6. Ball Pump
    You never know when the only thing holding you back from a soccer game will be a flat ball. Avoid that at all costs.
  7. Warranty For Kitchen Table I Bought 6 Years Ago
    It still holds food.