Live listing my adventurous life.
  1. I'm trapped.
  2. It's 3 AM.
  3. My 2 year old started crying so I darted into her room to settle her before she woke up my wife.
  4. We sang songs in the rocking chair.
  5. I put her back in her crib.
  6. She asked me to sit in the chair.
  7. She is sleeping, but barely.
  8. She keeps looking over to ensure I haven't left.
  9. I latched the door shut on the way in.
  10. Rookie move.
  11. Impossible to escape silently.
  12. Okay, I'm going to try.
  13. Stood up.
  14. She's staring at me.
  15. Back asleep.
  16. Door click caused another stare.
  17. By the door.
  18. As Macklemore would say, "I'm so damn close, I can taste it."
  19. She is on to me but seems to be tolerating me standing in the doorway.
  20. She agreed, I can leave if the door stays open.
  21. I'll sneak back in 4 min and shut it.
  22. Thanks for joining me on this impossible mission.
    No wife or siblings were awoken!
  24. Static